Hospital Bear

Joel’s quiet charm has a way of capturing the hearts of those around him. So, naturally, it didn’t take long before the hospital staff fell in love with Joel during his very first week of cancer. I walked into our little hospital room one morning, handed Willy his coffee, and looked over at Joel… who … [Read more…]

One of many.

August 13, 2015    Ten years. Ten years ago, amidst swing dances and cake and serenades and (almost) all of our favorite people, Willy and I promised to be better together than apart. In sickness and in health. For richer and poorer. For better or worse. We had no idea on that day what a celebration of our vows … [Read more…]

Let’s start here.

February 15, 2013. The twins and Willy were gone to school and work for the day. Three-year-old Eric and I were doing our usual thing: he played on the couch while I gracelessly heaved my way through a Jillian workout because “this time I’m going to finish the whole program!” Not quite through the end … [Read more…]