Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies

When I pulled this cookie magazine off of my shelf today, I foolishly was curious about the date on the cover… 2001! What? I was simultaneously crippled with age and glowing with nostalgia. I started making these cookies for my friends when I was just 20-years-old…. Working backwards, that’s 4 dogs, one bout of cancer, … [Read more…]

Hospital Bear

Joel’s quiet charm has a way of capturing the hearts of those around him. So, naturally, it didn’t take long before the hospital staff fell in love with Joel during his very first week of cancer. I walked into our little hospital room one morning, handed Willy his coffee, and looked over at Joel… who … [Read more…]

Thank You

Today is diagnosis day. I thought maybe a good way to acknowledge it would be to write a letter to “four years ago me.” Something to encourage Past Me and let me know it will be alright. Maybe warn me of the scary things to come. Perhaps something like a locker room pep talk. The … [Read more…]