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Hi! Welcome to The Shelton House blog 🙂

I’m Adrianne, the mom and wife behind this whole thing. I am an Alaskan, mom to three boys, wife to one Willy, minimalist, home cook, dog lover, farm dreamer, and cancer mom.

Let me show you around my little blog….


I’ve heard it said that once cancer happens in your life, it becomes the marker for how time is measured: there is now “before cancer” and “after cancer.”

That could not be more true for us.

I share the stories of our family on this site because it is cheaper than therapy and I want to send a message out into the world: You are not alone!

While we hate that our son went through the horrible mess that is childhood cancer, it has become a part of who we are. Sharing the joys, trials, heartbreak, and beauty that came into our lives is how we honor Joel’s fight and show gratitude for all God has given us.

Here are a few of our favorite stories:

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Hospital Bear



I’ve got three boys.

That’s the efficient way to say I’ve got laughter, fart jokes, silliness, injuries, laundry, dirt… so much dirt, nails in pockets, bottomless appetites, a fast and daily cleaning routine, kitchen helpers, lunches to pack, bugs in jars, tree forts with stories I don’t want to know about, a budget, a new appreciation for how funny anatomy can be, stain removal skeeels, and three future Prince Charmings under my care.


I love almost every minute of it 🙂

The biggest boy is my favorite, though… Willy is the husband I’ve always dreamed of and the best possible example to our sons of what a man should be.

Here are some of our favorite posts celebrating the unbalanced amount of testosterone in our house and all the responsibilities that come with it:

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How We Will Actually “Make America Great Again”

Make a Week’s Worth of School Lunches in 1 Hour



I like food.

Specifically, I like food that is good, fresh, and homemade.

When I get too immersed in the social media world of “food morals,” I stop and think about my Grandma.

You see, she didn’t have the luxury of being a super-picky cook. Basic, home-cooked, real food is how she ate as a child, cooked for her own five kids, and how she still cooks today.

And you know what? She’s rocking 87.

Good, fresh, homemade food will be the bulk of the recipes I share here. I hope they become a part of your kitchen life as much as they are a part of mine!

Some of the most popular recipes so far:

Pumpkin Nutella Muffins

{The} Bread

Italian Seasoning and Salad Dressing

(No Mess) Homemade Tortillas

Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies

Joel’s Brownies

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