1. Kit

    So excited to hear you are doing this and I can’t wait to buy a copy. Thank you for sharing! I have used some recipes from your blog for older superheroes. You and your family are inspirational.

  2. Andrew Griffin

    Wow! Fantastic blog! We met at that camp you traveled so far to get to, and I’m so glad that you made the trip. It was my families first visit, and we had no idea what to expect. Willy mentioned on the first day that getting together with families was the best part of camp, and he couldn’t be more right! Hearing and sharing stories with people that have faced, or are facing, similar situations was far more healing than I could have imagined; and I didn’t even realize I needed it!
    I’ve had a summer of way too much fried foods and pizza (a la camp last week), so I just started a slow carb diet for a change of pace; every Saturday I can go hog wild, so I’ll have to ask Poppy to make a batch of these cookies. 🙂 They sound delicious!

    • Adrianne Shelton

      The families really are the best part 🙂 And we really felt it was an amazing group this year! And believe. me. I hear ya on the camp food aftermath….

  3. Carol Port

    You are exactly like I thought you would be. Especially Eric. I knew Nathan would be Joel’s care giver and protector. I knew you would be beautiful and wholesome looking, just as you are. I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet Willy but I know he’s a good man with an awesome sense of humor. Joel was my very first Wee Warrior with cancer. I sang praises to the Lord the day I read he was a cancer survivor.

    Nathan is correct that cancer never wins. My precious Mama died of cancer. My children and grandchildren were there. They sang so beautifully to her as she went home to Jesus. I told her I loved her and she said, “I know you do.” Those were her last words and how precious they are to me. She not only loved me she knew I loved her.

    I am so grateful to have finally met the Shelton Family. I love you and shall always carry you in my heart.

    I would love to have a cookbook. If possible please reserve one for me.

    Much love and many prayers.

    • Adrianne Shelton

      We love you, Carol 🙂 And what a pleasure it was to meet you! The boys are loving the car set, by the way 😉

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