1. Mama B

    I posted dream Willy because it is so not Willy. I have had “dream Jerry” also, and it can be very strange to say the least. I have a dear friend who has those dreams too, and when she wakes up in the morning her husband says, “oh no! Now what did I do?” ?

  2. Andrea Sandefur

    Super cute lunch ideas <3 And, because I made it just recently and LOVED it, I just pinned your Roasted Veggie Soup post 🙂

  3. Jami

    I also love the post about, How we eat well on a Budget. It was so helpful to see how someone else does it all on a budget. Thanks for sharing so much insight.

  4. Lesa

    I pinned the post about eating on a budget in Alaska. You had some things I did not know Costco carried. ? My favorite thing ever was when you posted a video to Facebook of you making mayonnaise, and my 7 year old looked over my shoulder and said, “You’re not gonna do that, are you?!” Lol. Not yet. Perhaps some day.

  5. Andrea

    I just made the simple chocolate pudding recipe (and post) for Vday tomorrow. It’s a surprise and I hope my kiddos like it!!

  6. Marg

    I loved your post about school lumches……I made the frittats and muffins and were a great hit with my family! I still want to try the ranch dressing because we fly thru it. The kids even dip pizza in it!

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