1. Sherry Chevalier

    Even a baking amateur like myself made this bread. It was wonderful with homemade soups. Thanks once Again Adrianne for this wonderful recipe. I’ll always remember that fresh bread you sent to me. I think the shipping cost was $50.00 just because I said I would love to have some. You ALWAYS make me smile. Now bring on the soups!!!

  2. Andrea Sandefur

    This recipe falla in the “never fails” category! It is absolutely easy, delicious, and so adaptable!!

  3. Katie Anaya

    maple syrup worked great instead of honey! wish I wasn’t gluten free right now as this bread smelled AMAZING.

  4. Celeste Carlson

    I love all of your posts and I read them religiously. THANK YOU for sharing your story and your life in such candid ways. 🙂
    I shared the bread post. That is one of my favorite things to make from scratch.

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